Friday, December 23, 2011

Liesl is locked in the attic by her mean stepmother when the ghost Po appears. Po brings news from the Other World of Liesl's dead father and Liesl knows she must escape and take her father's ashes to their old home. Will watches Liesl in her attic window and dreams of becoming her friend. When Will messes up a delivery for his boss, the magician he has to run. At the train station, Will sees the girl from the attic and decides it's a sign. He should go where ever she's headed. Magic, adventure, suspense and friendship, it's all in Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver.
Recommended for grades 4 - 6.
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Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. Ben needs to find his father so with a name and an address he travels from Minnesota to New York City. Once in the city, Ben finds a friend and some familiar wolves at the Museum of Natural History. Along with this story is another told entirely in pictures. Recommended for grades 3 - 6.
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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Join the newsies on the streets of New York City for adventure, mystery and murder in City of Orphans by Avi.

The year is 1893 and Maks is helping his family survive by selling newspapers. If he sells them all, he makes eight cents. And while selling the papers, he needs to stay away from Bruno and the Plug Uglies who beat him to a pulp and steal his money and get his sister out of jail where she is being held after she's accused of stealing a watch at the Waldorf. Recommended for grades 4 - 6.
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