Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Scratch a Wombat: Where to Find It . . . What to Feed It . . . Why It Sleeps All Day by Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whatley

The author and illustrator of the charming Diary of a Wombat return with this fascinating and hilarious non-fiction account of living with wombats. Jackie French has been a wombat rehabilitator in her native Australia for many years and has included countless anecdotes about her charges, from the wombat that could count to the wombat who learned how to make a lever. You'll start dreaming of a trip to Australia just to observe these fascinating marsupials! Recommended for Grades 2-6.
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Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest: Where Birds Begin by Irene Kelly

Did you know that after a Gila Woodpecker pecks a hole in a saguaro cactus for her nest, she sometimes takes in roommates--an elf owl and a Western Blind Snake?! Or how about that a tailorbird sews up a leaf with spider silk to create her nest? No? Well, get ready for some real surprises. From super simple to suprisingly complex, bird homes are just about as varied as human homes. Recommended for grades 1-4.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Always in Trouble by Corinne Demas.

Emma's dog Toby, was always in trouble. Emma tried giving him more attention. Emma tried dog school. Can Toby learn to behave? A fun read for everyone who's ever had a dog who misbehaved. Ages 3 and up. Check availability