Friday, March 28, 2008

Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper by Michael Reisman

Imagine that you can control gravity. You can make yourself float over rooftops, jump high enough to dunk the ball, or make it impossible for people to get up off the ground. And you can control friction, too. Take away all friction and people fall on their butts. Add a little, and the dodge ball stops just short of your nose. Simon is having a great time with his new skills. Unfortunately, people who are bigger, stronger, and more skillful want them back. The action just keeps coming in this science fiction for students in grades 5 - 8

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Monday, March 24, 2008

The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd

Salim went up in the London Eye, but he didn't come down. Ted and Kat watched their cousin get on the ride. They watched them close the door. They tracked his car, and when it came down. Salim was not there. Were they watching the wrong car? Maybe, but he wasn't in the next ones either. Was he kidnapped? Was it spontaneous combustion? Did he come out in disguise? None of the options seem likely, but Ted's determined to solve the mystery. Grades 5 - 8

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The True Meaning of SmekDay by Adam Rex

The aliens have come. Tip's mom was one of the first to be taken. The aliens are sending all humans to Florida. Tip decides she'll drive herself. She may only be in 8th grade, but she's a very good driver. So Tip and her cat Pig head south. Along the way she picks up an alien who has named himself J-Lo. Of course the drive is not easy. The Boov have destroyed most of the roads, food is hard to find, and bigger meaner aliens are on the way. Grades 5 - 8

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